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About US

Based in Western Canada, Emily is the creator of Larkspur Cottage. She delights in discovering and practicing traditional skills, and in sharing these skills with those around her. Emily created this space as a portfolio of her handcraft work and as an inspiration for others to nurture beauty in their daily lives.

Emily works with her mother, Patricia, to create the Dancing Dolls. This heirloom doll series was designed by Patricia, who finds her inspiration in fine fabrics, folk dance, and tending to her flower gardens.


Together, we aim to cultivate a beautiful home life in which the good, from summer harvests to ancient skills, is preserved, revived, and shared.

We celebrate the rich heritage of hospitality and intentional gift-giving that has strengthened friendships and societies through the ages.


We enjoy putting time, patience, and love into a variety of traditional handcrafts, believing that handiwork done with care not only creates heirloom items, but also betters the one working, who grows in perseverance, patience, and love of the beautiful.

“These coppers, big and little, these brooms and clouts and brushes, were tools; and with them one made, not shoes or cabinet-work, but life itself. One made a climate within a climate; one made the days,–the complexion, the special flavor, the special happiness of each day as it passed; one made life.”

- Willa Cather, Shadows on the Rock

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