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The written word, a common part of everyone's lives, holds so much potential as an fascinating art form. Celebrate the most special words in your day by transforming them from typed text to timeless, hand-written calligraphy.


Minimum order $20


You provide your envelopes of choice.

$2.50 per envelope for black ink on pale envelopes.
$3 per envelope for pale ink (white or gold) on dark envelopes.

Place Cards

White place cards will be provided or you can provide  surfaces of your choice.

$1.50 per card for black ink on pale cards.
$2 per card for pale ink on dark cards.

Gift Tags

White rectangle gift tags will be provided or you can provide gift tags of your choice.

$2 per tag

Custom Calligraphy

I would love to discuss your ideas for custom calligraphy, including invitations, menus, letters, Bible verses, and more. Please contact me and we can make your dream a reality!

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